12 - 17 June, 2016, Chania, Crete, Greece

  1. Plant Cell wall structure and Evolution
    Paul Dupree, Zoe Popper, Alison Roberts, Marie Christine Ralet
  2. Biosynthesis of cell wall components
    Vincent Boulone, Monika Doblin, Henrick Sheller, Olga Zabotina
  3. Cell biology and dynamics of plant cell wall
    Frederica Brandizzi, Erik Nielsen, Staffan Persson, Ariel Orelana
  4. Functions of plant cell walls: growth, morphogenesis & development
    Alan Showalter, Paul Knox, Taku Demura, Charles Anderson
  5. Uses of plant cell walls
    John Ralph, Maureen Mccann, Simon McQueen, Shawn Mansfield
  6. Biomechanics of plants
    Anjia Geitman, Sioban Braybrook, Ingo Burget
  7. Emerging approaches in cell wall biology and Computational modeling of plant cell wall
    Michael Hahn, Silvia Coimbra, Jerome Pelloux
  8. Cell wall interactions with microorganisms and the environment / Signaling and defense
    Azeddine Driouich, Georg Seifert, Antonio Molina, Bruce Kohorn